Rise and Review extreme lag



There has been unbearable lag and unreliable course loading recently in Rise and Review. I will have to refresh my browser (tried Chrome, Edge, Firefox, all the same), every single time I want to load a page. It seems like your servers are under extreme load. Can we hope to see improvements soon? This is becoming unusable.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ros,

Recently we've seen an uptick in issues such as slow image uploads and a lag when inserting block templates. Our team is working on that issue, so hopefully we should have that resolved soon.

It sounds like the problem you're experiencing is more widespread, though. We'd love to investigate this further – could you share one of the troublesome courses with us in a case here?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Angelina, 

Our team is investigating the issue, but I don't have an ETA right now on when it will be fixed. 

Could you provide some more detail about your courses that will help our team troubleshoot this problem?

  1. Does this happen with all courses on your Rise 360 dashboard, or just certain courses in particular?
  2. How many lessons do the lagging courses have?
  3. Do the courses contain lots of images?
  4. Are you using custom fonts or built-in fonts?