Rise and tracking sidebar % of course completion

Hi there

Is there a way Rise can communicate back to LMS how much of the % has been completed until 100% has been reached?

By tracking complete/incomplete brings an X back to the gradebook if the Rise course has been viewed or not yet achieved the % required for course completion. The X looks quite conflicting and certainly doesn't communicate an accurate process of completion.

Same with the percentage 0% or the desired % for course completion. A student would expect to see some percentage of the Rise course in their marks and teacher in the gradebook that they have completed e.g. 75% out of 100% so the 0% communicates they have not begun the Rise content.

It would be great if the % on the sidebar is communicated back to the gradebook. This is very important to show if a course has been started, partially completed, or fully completed.

A feature request apparently has been logged on my behalf about this as I am sure many others would find this feature extremely handy for gradebook communication and assist for audit requirements.

I'd like to hear your thoughts or a work around others have found.

I'm using Canvas LMS, but I'm sure communicates the results similar back to other LMS's.

Thanks Dearne

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Dearne Willing

Hi Denis

A feature request has been placed on my behalf, see below. I am interested to know if this feature would benefit others ?  

Feature Request Number: 01516217

Request Details:

A feature that will allow Rise content communicate back to LMS how much of the % has been completed until 100% has been reached when using Tracking using Course Completion.

Ruth Mahoney


This would be really helpful for us to know too as this would prove Rise constantly communicates progress back to the LMS once launched. I understood Rise launches into memory and then only communicates back with the results slide at the end of the module. This gives us issues if the internet connection drops out at any time and learners don't get their Results sent back to the LMS at the end of their session.

Is there a constant communcation from Rise to the LMS or only at the start and the end?


Does Rise work differently to Storyline in this respect or do they communicate in the same way?



Allison LaMotte

Hi Ruth,

Rise 360 does communicate with your LMS throughout the lesson, but not constantly. Here are some specific times it communicates with your LMS:

  • After each lesson
  • After each question
  • Once completion requirements are met

If you want to dig in more and see more details, you can do that by enabling debug mod in your LMS. Here's how that works.

I hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Amber Starfire

I would also like to be able to have Rise completion % reflected in our LMS reports. Because now it is either 0 or 100% and doesn't reflect learners' actual progress, it makes it difficult for supervisors to know how much time is needed to allocate for learners to complete their courses and/or get an accurate idea of how much has actually been completed. 

Can javascript be used? Or used within a storyline block? Anything?....

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amber. Standard SCORM reporting for completion monitors when learners finish a course. The completion status is either Complete or Incomplete. I'll defer to the community for help with JavaScript workarounds!

Does your LMS report how long learners spent in a course? That data might be a good starting point for supervisors to consider when planning for future learners.