RISE: Blocked learner from continuing until Questions answered, but they can still move via the sidebar?

Jun 10, 2022

Hi there,

I have a knowledge check (KC) (not graded) that we want all learners to complete before they move to the summary.

I selected "Completion type" for this section as "Complete All Blocks Above"  and my label says to "Please answer all knowledge check questions before moving on."

When I publish to review when they go to the KC section they can't move on, but if they go over to the sidebar they can skip.  Shouldn't the sidebar read that I restricted this one section.  I can't go into Navigation settings for the full module and restrict sidebar, as I am okay with them jumping around except for the KC.

Should this not work as I expect it to?

Appreciate any feedback.  If you need my link to review let me know.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Teresa!

While you can restrict navigation for the full course, there isn't a way to restrict just one lesson in the sidebar. 

If it's important that learners answer the knowledge check question, I would suggest restricting the navigation for the full course, or removing the sidebar

If we add the option to restrict just one lesson in a course, we'll report back to let you know!