RISE - Cannot upload Cover Photo

Mar 01, 2017

While the site was down yesterday i was working on a project. I tried to upload a cover photo. Well, that is when i heard about the site issues. Today everything was fine and I completed the project but I still cannot upload a photo. I have an error message that cannot be cleared. I really don't want to start from scratch again.


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Stuart Phillips

I am also unable to upload to the Attachment Block today.  I have uploaded many file types to test and all have failed to upload with this message "There was an issue uploading. Please try again."

The main document type that I am trying to upload is pdfs. I have created these in Acrobat so I believe they are correctly formed. 


Can you tell me if it's an issue at your end or functionality at my end - I am on a government network, via cavle and I am pulling the document from My Documents not a network drive.

 I am using Chrome on a PC.

Help?! :) Stuart Phillips

Lea Agato

Hi Sabina, so sorry to hear you're having trouble uploading your cover photo. If you still need help with this, can you try making sure that you're using a supported browser for authoring in Rise.  You can also try using incognito or private browsing mode when you access Rise. Let me know if that helps!