Rise: Changing the default Accent Colors

Feb 23, 2018

I am interested in changing the default accent colors to align to our company brand color scheme. How can that me done? 

Thank you.

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Diane Poirier

I was just looking into Rise to create our client's deliverables and I was shocked to see that I couldn't customize the color palette. Wow, this is a game changer for us. We will probably need to use another application to build the deliverables as our client will never accept the base colors provided in Rise. 

Matúš Kothaj

I am glad that this topic has been brought up. This is one of the main reasons we do not use Rise on all our customers' projects. A color palette is a must! Also, not sure why the Storyline custom palette does not show up by default, and you have to dig quite deep to get to it. But at least it is there ;) Thanks for considering these color issues next time you update your roadmap ;)

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Diane. You can set any color as a theme color for your course, and use any color for block backgrounds and text color using HEX codes. While you can't save a palette of multiple custom colors, you can definitely use your own (or your clients') brand colors!

Let me know if I misunderstood your comment.

Tim Griffin

Looks like it's been a week since someone commented on this. It would be really awesome if Articulate would seriously consider adding this as a feature. I hope you guys understand that as Rise users we really need this feature to work efficiently. Its getting really tedious having to copy and past a hex code over and over and over again.

So yeah, just move this feature request to the top of your list. Thanks! 

Amy Hengst

Just adding it would be great to set the colors instead of retyping them for every single block :/ Plus it used to be easier and now wehn I click the side bar to add the background color, rather than just entering it, it makes you go down to the Hex field below the color picker. Half the time I found it doesn't select properly and is difficult to edit! Please let us add colors to the random 6 colors at the top. Thanks!! 

Chino Navarro

Hi Amy, I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with the hex code to change the background color of your block. To confirm, are you clicking on the Hex code itself?

If you click on the circle, it should give you a drop-down to select the color from a color palette. If you click on the hex code, it should let you type the exact hex code that you need.  

2Training Loan

There are many things that storyline support that Rise have catched up.
So in my book its not about what feature to implement in Rise 360 , but when.
The list is long of the differences in basic features in storyline that is not currently in Rise 360.

Also consider this, each copy of a course is its own system. There is no central change of branding that can change all courses in my account for instance. So the re-branding process for legacy is a nightmare waiting to happen :)

Emily Morgan

Right now my biggest challenge with the color pallette is that it also forces links in the text to be the same color. That means if you have a section with a light background then a section with a dark background, you won't be able to change the link color to better standout on it's background.