Rise - Code snippet syntax highlighting

Dec 07, 2017


I wish to know if it's possible to have highlighted syntax whenever you add a code snippet block, or if there's any other possible way to have such a feature, like for example embedding an object from any other tool.

Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Backbase.  The code snippet block is not like a regular text-based block, and it doesn't include additional formatting features.

I'm curious to see what other input you get from the community about including highlighted syntax in Rise.  Would capturing an image of your formatted code and inserting the image into Rise work for you?  Here's a comparison.

Backbase Academy

Hi Crystal,

first of all, thank you for your reply!

An image would not be the best solution because we're a Software Company so that we need to teach some code. In order to be effective, we need our users to be able to copy and paste parts of the code.

A code snippet, as we see it, has the good feature of being able to handle long lines of code, without text wrapping.

Why not add a WYSIWYG editor to it? For the moment, would be effective enough (in order to highlight in bold, for example).

In any case, the best solution would be: 1. being able to choose which Programming Language 2. being able to highlight some lines or parts of the code snippet, like in bold or any other way.

We are very satisfied with Rise, anyways!

Thank you all and best regards,