Rise end scenario issue

Hi, In my Rise scenario:

I have set -  go to End of Scenario if correct.

However, it goes to a page that has a start button in the bottom right corner (see screengrab attached)

And only on selecting that start button do you finally come to the Scenario complete page.

Any ideas how to get rid of the start button that appears at the end. It is confusing and out of place.

Thank you

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ang. It looks like that is the "Continue" button within the scenario block, but the label has been changed to "Start." Check your course labels in the Settings to make sure that label is accurate:

image of scenario block labels

Pro tip - make new labels sets so that any changes you make will not impact the original English set!

When using a dialogue in scenarios, the interaction requires learners to click to continue regardless of whether they're getting feedback on their response. I'd recommend these changes:

  • Change the label on that button to Continue or End
  • Add feedback to the correct response to let them know the scenario is over, and they can click to end the interaction.