Rise Feedback Options are Not Working For Us

We previously reported to Articulate that the review options don't work for our internal training using Rise. We do quizzing for our product releases and the only way to get feedback to work was to switch on the review option, but it shows the correct answers. We don't want to show the correct answers, and submitted the issue and waited until the next go-round to see what changes there are. 

Now the button is clearly labeled that it does show the correct answers, but the function is unchanged. This means the same problem exists. I cannot get my feedback to show up unless I also turn on that switch that shows the correct answer, so we're STILL unable to use this for one of the main purposes we bought it for. 

We want to show that an answer is correct or incorrect without telegraphing the correct answer. Such a thing just encourages gaming the system. Is anyone else having this problem? Am I missing something here? Why would I be able to enter feedback but not be able to show that feedback without also telling the correct answer. Storyline doesn't present this problem.

We will have to rewrite our processes and abandon Rise for quizzing until we can use these two very different setting separately. Is there any plan to fix this? I know how to do it in Storyline, but the appeal of Rise is that for something quick like this, Rise is so much easier to set up and for users to click through.

It's very frustrating. It also makes for an inconsistent presentation to my users as we are forced to switch how we do this.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joseph! 

I saw that you and Alyssa discussed something similar here and that you also sent a support case to us in March that Vira responded to. Both of them shared this with our team as an idea to change our current feedback set up in Rise. It's not on our roadmap yet, but we'll let you know if this is added! 

The reveal of the answer while showing the feedback is the design of Rise, so that the learner would know how they answered and any insight into why the answer was not correct. I could see how for learners that may present a challenge if they wanted to retake the quiz, and already know the answers. 

If this isn’t quite right, please let me know what you need and I’ll be happy to help. 

Joseph Cunningham

Hi, Ashley. Seem to be chatting with you a lot lately. This is just super frustrating for us, because we want to use it for in house training on our software releases among other things. In Storyline, we can give feedback without showing the correct answer. Giving feedback is completely a separate issue from giving the correct answer. It's like we enter the feedback, but can't use it without using this unrelated feature.

My system engineers complain if there's no review option because they don't know what questions they missed. They feel like they're stabbing in the dark. So I can put the feedback into the question, but they can't see the feedback unless we also give the correct answer? We just want to be able to show the feedback we enter: that's it. These are two separate things, and relabeling doesn't solve the issue, so I asked again. It's like the problem was addressed inasmuch as labeling the switch is clear now, but it's solving the wrong problem.

We wrote a lot of process and set up templates that we cannot use now, and have to do that over again in SL. We really want to use Rise, but just cannot, at least for anything like this. Being in the software business, and admittedly not knowing the complications that might come with my request, separating these two things seems pretty straightforward. So...I press the issue once more.

It's a big deal to us. That said, we've had a fantastic ramp up with SL over the past six months and are doing things we never could before.

Joseph Cunningham

That is a novel approach. Thank you for the idea. We've not expanded into using storyline blocks, but will experiment with this as an idea. We love the simplicity of Rise for us and for learners, so want to default to it whenever there's not a compelling reason to use SL. We have a lot of uses for both.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joseph, 

Thanks for sharing some more insight into what you've been setting up and experiencing with Rise. I'll make sure to share this with the team as well, and I'll definitely keep you posted here with any changes. 

I'm happy to hear things are going so well otherwise with Storyline 360, and if you need anything else don't hesitate to ask! :-) 

Bruce Bartlam

I saw this and wanted clarity. I am building a quiz in rise and I make the selection for correct/incorrect and I type what I want to say if they get it right or wrong but when I preview or saved it and output it when you get to the question it gives none of the feedback and moves you to the next question. It should give feedback that says that is correct. It will show up if I select to reveal the answer but I dont want them to know the answer. I only want them to know they got it wrong


Nicole Eberhard

Also interested in this function. More control over feedback is something that clients frequently ask for. Most of my clients allow up to 3 attempts at a quiz. At the moment, either we have to turn the feedback off entirely so that learners don't see what the correct answer is, but then they get no feedback. Or we turn on the feedback so that there is learning value, but then the next two attempts are redundant because they've seen the correct answer. Either we need to be able to separate these functions, or we need to be able to control when the users see the feedback - i.e. only after all attempts have been used. It's really frustrating because we don't want to have to build all the quizzes in storyline, but that's what we're looking at doing because it's the only way to meet the clients' assessment requirements currently. Keen to know if this is on the roadmap so I can give feedback to clients and decide whether we can wait and keep the assessments in Rise, or just rebuild in Storyline.

Martika Cox

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for sharing your feedback here!

Helping our customers and their learners get the most out of quizzes is important to us. Our team has a feature request logged for the ability to customize Quiz/Learner feedback.

I don’t currently have any timelines on this, but I’ll share any news here.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions.

Zoe Handscombe

These seem like a fairly essential component of testing for learners and designers alike.  I've done a lot of reading on the forum to try and solve this same issue in my own courses and it seems like there is a huge amount of support for this feature to be added.

It surprises me that over the last 4 years there are 50+ threads on this topic and yet articulate still hasn't even added it to their roadmap.