Rise future - not in 4 years from now though

Lets see,
Rise 360 basic is an e-learning authoring tool.
The tool provides exceptional ease of use but balances that with limited functionality.

Advanced users  would:
We would translate material. ( wordcount, language version handling in one file)
We would expect similar functions as Storyline basics. ( no programing expectations though )
We would like to archive the source files to the courses we produce
We would like to a have our own media library 
We would expect smart branching options in the quiz block
We would expect branding elements connected to account/owner and not individual courses.
As the the number of courses assigned to one account grow - We need a central Course repository with management run by admin account access

These are just some of the things i can come up with that i need yesterday :)

- feel free to chime in on what you would like the Rise 360 to become.

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