Rise Menu Resets in LMS Review Mode

Jun 06, 2022

Hi there!

I am currently experiencing a menu issue in Rise.

We have a mass launch to several thousand associates that I want to make sure is set up correctly. Here is some background:

1. Course is published in Rise hosted on SumTotal LMS.
2. Users complete the course fine and the menu checkmarks as they progress normally and it reports fine.
3. If the user goes back into the course after completing it and "reviews" the training which is prompted by the LMS, the menu checkboxes are blank.

Are they blank because the menu is dynamic and only tracks for each instance the course is accessed?

I guess my question is...is there a way for the checkmarks to "hold" each time a user reviews a course on the LMS?

My concern that is that the menu resetting will make users think that it is not reporting because each previously completed block is not check marked in the menu. Users will see the blank menu and think they have to start over for it to record.

We will get a bunch of support questions over this.

Thank you!

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Karl Muller

Hi Melissa,

Regarding your point 2), what happens when a student partially completes the course, signs out of the LMS, and returns later to resume the course? Does the LMS maintain their "in progress" data and menu checkmarks? 

Regarding your point 3), does this only happen once the course has been completed?

You specifically mention "LMS Review Mode". There are no settings within a Rise course that impact review mode.

What happens in review mode is completely controlled by your LMS. Your LMS may have settings to reset student data. 

Our LMS is set up not to automatically switch to review mode when a course is completed.

As a result, once a student completes a course and returns to it later, all their previous course progress data is still available, including the checkmarks for each lesson.