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Hi I really like Rise and see a lot of potential.  But I find the Quiz really limited.  I am sure we are all just so spoiled by Storyline 2 .... but I am hoping to see this product really take off.    Any plans to make it more robust?

I like the "blocks" but would like to be able to add the "pre built" lessons into an existing block ....sort of like ...block/pre built/block.  

 I am sure a lot of this is my inexperience with this new tool.   I am building an elearning with Rise as my pitch to get the upgrade to 360.   

Very happy with Articulate 360..... I used Replay 36o and loved the editing feature.

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Jiska Verschuren

I saw that it is possible to import a  Storyline (360) quiz or a Quizmaker (360) Quiz into Rise. This would offer us a much broader range of question types.

However, I suspect there are some drawbacks: Does Rise resize these imported quizes depending on the device of the learner? And does it look good on any device? If it is only zoomed, of course a quiz developed for desktop wouldn't be readable on a smartphone.

Has anyone tested this yet or does anyone know more about this?

Adam Schwartz

Hey Jiska - just to be clear, embedding SL360 or QM360 content in Rise is not currently supported.

We are however working on a feature that will let you embed Storyline 360 content in Rise. The tricky part, as you point out, it making sure it works well on any device. We'll keep you updated as we make progress on this feature. 

roger vaughan

The reason for desktop is when i am travelling i cant use internet to do work on the rise topics so like yesterday on train to london icannot edit work although had 2 hours to do this .

The block system is easy to use this is what i am working on so look at this i have 100 images on my laptop and pictures for healing in pathology once these aresent to me i will finish this off . I also want to know if the content is downloadable i.e from phone or not this is because of copyright issues for links .
I also want to know if i edit this work and then share it again is the link always the same otherwise i have to keep emailing updated link to same people . this could be 560 emails each time i.e whole medical mschool when finished .

Siddharth Manay

Hi Adam,

Like everyone here, I have been very impressed with Rise and what it means in terms of mobile use.

A couple of huge hurdles for us to adopt 360 are the ability to create prescriptive quizzes, using randomised question banks and creating different types of quizzes (Matching/Drag and Drop/Multiple answers etc). Are there any plans of developing above mentioned quizzing in Rise OR the ability to import directly from Quizmaker into Rise on the horizon? And if so, what timelines are you looking at?

We are also looking at having options to auto play media (mainly audio) for a few of our content blocks and we can't seem to set that either.

Your help is as always much appreciated!

Adam Schwartz

HI Siddharth - thanks very very much for your great compliments about Rise.

We are definitely working on enhancing quizzes with more question types. We already have question randomization and answer shuffling. 

We are also working on a feature so you an import Storyline content as a lesson.

We have not made timelines public on these but since Articulate 360 is a subscription, you'll get new features the day we release them.

Auto-play of audio (whether standalone audio or within a video) is banned in mobile browsers. It is not allowed in Mobile Safari or Mobile Chrome. So that's why we have not implemented it. :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lut,

Thanks for reaching out in regards to the Rise question block style. It's on the roadmap for Rise features, although I don't have an ETA yet. As Adam mentioned, new features will be available to you once they're released and as we get more information about an ETA we'll keep you posted here. 

You can still add feedback to the quiz questions within Rise, and I did a quick Peek recording of what that looks like. You can view it here. Hope that helps in the meantime as our team continues to work on the Rise question blocks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lut,

There isn't a way to change the background color associated with the feedback in a quiz question. I'm curious, in terms of a feature request if you could change the background color would it be for the feedback section as a whole? Would it change based on how the user answered (correct vs. incorrect)? Any other thoughts or ideas are always helpful to share with our team, as you can see we're making continual updates and improvements to Rise driven by user feedback. :) You can always let us know here in the forums or send it along to our team here.

Larry Bowditch

I'm planning to implement a lesson in Rise, hopefully, that asks the learner for before-study and after-study essay-style responses. The learner would key-in thoughts on a topic before they study the lesson, then study, then key-in changes in their thinking or attitude on the topic after having studied it.

Is there a way to capture that kind of information, store it, and make it available for review later?

Will this capability be included in the "Knowledge Check" block mentioned above?