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I have an issue whith Rise Quiz related to the questions feedback. I've setup Correct/Incorrect feedback in the quiz, but the feedback doesn't appears unless the quiz option "Reveal answers" is marked "on". However, I don' want to show the learners the correct option after the submission (unless the learner have marked the correct one...)

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance


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Joseph Cunningham

We are facing the same issue. I want to give people some immediate feedback, but I want them to find the correct answers, not simply click through the quiz once and jot down the answers. This needs to a separated feature. 

Feedback is not the same as providing the answer. And if the only way to turn feedback on is to do that, it doesn't really work for us. Our training quizzes are very technical in nature, so...I want people to locate the answer.

Nicolette Young

Hi there! I am facing the same issue described above. I want to add feedback to the learner in a Rise Quiz for whether they got the answer right or wrong, but without giving them the answer. I've added feedback to Rise quiz questions (see attached image as an example) but the quiz won't show that feedback unless I click "Reveal Answers" under Quiz Settings. If I don't have that turned on, the feedback doesn't show at all and the next question just shows up in the quiz, instead of providing the feedback I've entered.

Has a feature been added to manage this or is there another way for the feedback to show up without clicking "Reveal Answers"?

Ian Blake

The work around I am looking at is to create a feedback for incorrect answers, which also includes the feedback for the other incorrect answers (in case they would have chosen another incorrect answer on 'Try Again'). This will fill a lot of screen space... for example

"Unfortunately chocolate is not a healthy breakfast option, and neither is a condensed-milk sandwich

Porridge is good, if you don't cover it in syrup"

Paul Tottle

I've just hit the same barrier. Feedback is great. Giving the answers the first time is not. Answers and feedback need to be two separate options in the settings. Rise is so close to delivering a good outcome for my project, but it looks like I'll have to switch to a Storyline block.

I vote for this feature.

Thomas Gora

I have hit this issue as well. Sure hope on the number of folks with the same issue that this gets escalated.

What exactly does Shuffle Answer option do? Does that mean if I set the correct answers as A, C, D. Will Rise automatically shuffle the answers to say B, C, D the next time around?

Ian Blake

Hi Thomas


As I understand it (and how it has worked for me in the past) is that it shuffles the order of the answer options, but KEEPS the link between the 'text' and whether it is correct. I think this is to avoid people being able to write down and share the answers in the form of 1C 2B 3C...

Martika Cox

Hi Thomas, Thanks for reaching out.

And, Ian thanks for jumping in here.

Turning on Shuffle Answer Choices for your quiz will shuffle the answer choices for each question randomly. You can learn more about Quiz settings here.

We do have a feature request in the queue to be able to show feedback and answers separately. I will definitely add your feedback to the discussion.

Kim Rushbrooke

Interested in knowing when the Feedback option will be incorporated into the QUIZ BLOCK?  The feedback works marvelously (within a block) as a 'Knowledge Check'.  The concept of giving the answer as well as the feedback in a Quiz Block does make a little bit of sense for the Learner to know which question is correct. However only if they have a SINGLE attempt.  So essentially the assessment is a 'make or break' approach.  The Learner then has to Re-attempt the Quiz again at another time after they have reviewed the learning. This is approach aligned with a Summative Assessment rather than a Formative one. 

Allison LaMotte

Hi Kim,

If I'm understanding correctly, you'd like to be able to give your learners written feedback while not revealing the correct answers. Is that right?

If so, that's not currently possible in Rise. If you have time to log a feature request and tell us more about your specific needs, that would be super helpful!

In the meantime, if there’s anything else I can do to help, please let me know! 



Kim Rushbrooke

Hi Andrew, I support your enquiry.  I've been using RISE just this year, and I understand that RISE is all about the formative part of the learning, and now I use it as that.  I then create a summative quiz in the LMS as an add on to the package.  However having a feedback feature for a Quiz similar to the knowledge check (but without the answer) would be value-add. Its tricky cause you don't want rise to be yet another 'all you can eat', which some platforms do, then when it goes to the LMS, the 'wheels fall off'.  haha.  Best wishes - Kim

Allison LaMotte

Hi Andrew, 

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, I don't have any updates to share on this currently. 

I know that it can be frustrating to submit a feature request and not know whether or when it will be released, but please know that we're doing our very best to bring our users the features they want and need.

We receive hundreds of feature requests every week, so prioritizing them is no small task and we take it very seriously. Here's an inside look at how that process works

Let me know if you have any other questions!