Rise Quiz Settings--no continue button appearing

Hello all:


I'm working on a Rise course with graded knowledge checks throughout (using quiz blocks).  The settings are:

Passing Score: 80%

Require Passing Score to Continue: On

Quiz Retries:  Unlimited

Include in Lesson Count: on

Continue Button Style:  Continue Button


When previewing the course, even if I get the quiz questions 100% correct, the only navigation option is to retry the quiz--there is no default or other style of continue button, and I'm stuck (unless I try to navigate using the side bar).

Thoughts?  Have I set this up incorrectly somehow?

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Chino Navarro

Hi K. I am here to help. Thanks for confirming that you have a lesson after the quiz and you also tried scrolling down after completing the quiz. The only scenario that I can think of that could cause your issue is when you preview the quiz and not the entire course. Can you try previewing the entire course and see if the Continue button will now appear? If you still don't see the button, feel free to open a support case here: Submit a support case. Our support engineers are ready to help.