Saving a Storyline Project in Rise

May 13, 2022


I added a Storyline project in Rise. I published my project in Storyline. Then, I went to Rise, and I selected the interactive block and selected Storyline, and my project came over in Rise, it works. The issue is the media player, how do I remove it? It has the next and previous buttons at the bottom of the media player. I thought I removed them from the media player because I unchecked them in Storyline before I published.  When the participants click on the next button, nothing happens because it is just one slide. Is there a way to remove the media player? Is there a way to remove the next and previous buttons? Is there a way to make the buttons advance the project in Rise? 

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Dave LeFevre

You need to turn the player off in Storyline before you publish to Review. Go to the Player on the Home tab and change Menus & Controls to Off. That will remove everything but the slide content itself. I believe you have to select the Modern player style to do this (your screenshot looks like the Classic player style).