Saving and re-using an audio recorded in Rise 360

Oct 26, 2021

Is it possible to save or copy an audio file recorded directly into a Rise 360 labelled graphic?  I need to redo the graphic as I sloppily created the buttons out of order, so the <> arrows don't work properly [I live and learn].  I really would rather not re-record five audios!  Saving or copying the audio to the new labelled graphic elements would save me a lot of time.

Or if that's not possible, is there another way of fixing the <> problem in the original labelled graphic, without losing the text and audio for each element?



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Jenn Bedlington

Unfortunately that doesn't fix it, as that would just move the contents out of order. I have numbered markers from left to right, and the learner is asked to click on them in order. The problem is that the arrows take the learner in the opposite direction to what you'd expect [the left-pointing arrow takes you from 3 to 4, rather than from 3 to 2, as you might think it should! And the right-pointing arrow takes you from 3 to 2, and so on.].

They can progress in order, of course, by clicking on the marker again to get back to the graphic, but the arrows are a messy detail I'd love to fix, as I said, without re-recording the audio and shifting the text.

Crystal Horn

There isn't a way to do it directly in Rise, but I do have a trick for you, Jenn:

  1. Export the course to web format.
  2. Extract the zipped package, and open the folders.
  3. Locate the assets folder.
  4. You'll see audio files in there. Their names will be encoded, but you can play them to figure out which one you need.
  5. Upload that audio file into the right spot!

This trick works for any media file in your Rise 360 courses that you no longer have saved to your computer.