Sending a course in Rise with Storyline in

Jun 16, 2021

Just a question that someone might be able to clarify

If I were to send my course to someone else's Rise account with a storyline embedded in 

Will the Storyline slide that was uploaded to my Articulate 360 account get sent with it too? as that Storyline is uploaded to my account?

Also would it still be available if I were to send my course and delete from my account ?


Any help on this would be appreciated 

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Karl Muller

Hi Roxie,

Once a Storyline file is embedded in a Rise course using a Storyline block, that block is part of the course until it is deleted. The Storyline block will be included if you send the course to someone else.

Once embedded, there is no connection at all between the Storyline block in the Rise course, and the original .story file

If you delete the original .story file on your computer, the Storyline block in the Rise course will continue to work.

You would need the original .story file though to make any changes in the future.