Storyline Blocks in Rise - don't reset

Jun 28, 2018

Hi. I'm using a Storyline block in Rise. The Storyline block is a "Try it" sceencast. The first time it's run, it works fine. If I go back to run it a second time or more, it begins the activity from a different point rather than starting over. Also, I'd like to be able to give users viewing the Rise production to be able to go back and replay the activity if they choose.

Does anyone have an idea of why the interaction does not reset and how to force it to by a user.


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Laurie Kerr

The problem may not be with your Rise course but actually in your Storyline file.  Two settings you may want to check in the Storyline file: 

(1) Do you have the Storyline course player set to "Resume?"  This setting will allow the user to pick up where the user left off instead of starting at the beginning.  I created a separate course player for my Storyline segments I plan to include in my Rise courses and turned it off.  My Storyline segments are short so turning off the resume feature doesn't cause too much rework for my learners.

(2) On each Storyline slide is a slide property called "When Revisiting."  The default is "Automatically decide."  If you want a user to be able to completely start over, you may want to change this setting to be "Reset to Initial State" on each slide.  This will provide the same experience every time the learner takes your course.

Crystal Horn

Hi Paul!  Laurie mentioned some great properties to check out.  Storyline courses should always start from the beginning when they're being used as a block in Rise.  Are you noticing this behavior after navigating away from the Storyline block in Rise, or while you're still interacting in Storyline?

Happy to have a look at your Storyline file and your Rise share URL if you'd like!

Samantha Raisor


I am using a self-evaluation assessment built in Storyline and added to a rise 360 course. 

I do not want the storyline file to restart once the user completes the assessment and moves on. If the user wants to go back and view their results, I want the results to be visible. Is there a workaround here?