Storyline quiz data to LMS from articulate rise

Jul 06, 2020

I have created a essey type survey question in storyline. When I publish SCORM from storyline, I could get the inputs in LMS report. Now I am adding the same survey in Rise through Storyline input block. When I publish the SCORM I am not getting the user inputs in LMS report. 

My question is:

Is it possible to get the report from Rise SCORM?

Is there anything more to be done in setting to get the user inputs in LMS?

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Crystal Horn

Hello there. Storyline blocks will send a quiz score from Storyline, but not the question-level detail, such as learner responses.

To get essay or survey-type responses from a Rise 360 course, you can embed a 3rd party survey tool which will collect the learner's response. I'll update this conversation if we add an essay or other text-input interaction in Rise 360!