Storyline widget is not accessible once it's imported into Rise 360

Sep 14, 2022

I'm having issues with the accessibility of Storyline widgets in Rise 360. The course is accessible in Storyline, focus order, accessibility, alt text etc. but when you import it as an interactive storyline widget it becomes too complicated for a screen reader to process. It appears as a group within a frame so a screen reader won't pick up any individual text blocks. Is there anything I can do to make this accessible?

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Christopher Santos

Hi Andrea,

Accessibility in Storyline 360 should behave the same way when it is inserted as a block in Rise 360.  

Having said that, we'd like to investigate this accessibility issue with your Storyline course further.  Kindly share your Storyline file here, and we'll check out the issue immediately once we receive it.  We'll send a respond and delete the file after our investigation.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Andrea!

Thanks for reaching out!

If the Storyline interaction itself is accessible, it will still be accessible as a block in Rise 360. Have you tried tabbing through the Storyline block to test its accessibility? 

If you are unable to tab through the items in an embedded Storyline 360 block while using a supported Screen Reader, please open a support case with our team so we can take a look at your Rise 360 course to figure out what's happening.