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Marcin Czyżuk

The point is, I (actually my new team member) have a new account since
the end of november (joanna.buczynska@wsb.torun.pl). I have the old one
that I have been using for the last year and it expires soon
(marcin.czyzuk@wsb.bydgoszcz.pl). I am not goint any longer  use Rise
myself, that's why I have hired a new member in me team. However I
wouldn't like to lose the work I have done. What is more, some of  those
that I created need to be updated sometimes. If my account expires my
employee fill face the need of creating those courses once again if
there is any change needed to be done.

Can you move all courses from one to the other account?

Matt Bradshaw

In addition, since this issue was created you can now transfer ownership of a course.  Once you have shared a course with a team member, you are able to transfer the ownership within the same Share -> Collaborators configuration pane.

Just hover over just left of where you are listed as the owner and you will see the Transfer option.

Crystal Horn

Hi!  Just to update on Lee's issue: When sending a copy of a course, you'll want to send it to an active end user.  This means that the person receiving the course will either have an individual subscription or be a seat-holder on a 360 team subscription.  Team administrators who don't occupy a seat won't be able to collaborate on projects.

Let us know if you have any questions!

David Tappenden

On the back of this, lets say we have one person that has access to all the Rise courses. If they leave the business, is there a way to transfer all those courses into a new account? (or transfer the licence to a new person joining the business)

Or would the person that leaves the business need to collaborate each individual course, one by one? (or is there a bulk way to do this?)


Many thanks!