NEW IN ARTICULATE 360 TEAMS: Transfer Content

May 07, 2019

Today we released a new feature that’s just for Articulate 360 Teams: transfer content. Now it’s easy to maintain control of your content when team members change.

The new transfer content feature lets you transfer projects when users are removed from your Articulate 360 Teams account. You can transfer Storyline 360 team slides, Rise 360 courses and block templates, and Review 360 content.

Here’s how easy it is to transfer content:

We hope this new feature is helpful!

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Allison Van Beek

I would also suggest that the feature not be buried underneath the "X" - that's scary! It looks like you're removing the user and there's no indication of future options AFTER you've selected to remove the user. I'd love to see "re-assign content" from a type of settings menu (though I get that this right now is a account removal option only, not just a transfer from user to user option in general). Perhaps some help text that says "Remove user and transfer content" when you scroll over the "X" option?

Bureau E-Learning & Simulation Training MOC (MvL)
M. Bosscher

Awesome first I think we need to go further. How about an option where every Rise course created  by the team can be accessed by everyone else on the team by default?

This would be awesome, now it takes alot of time adding collaborators, especially when moving form 1 single use account to a teams account.

Adding an option that all team members can work and see the course in their dashboard by default would be perfect.


Nicole Papaioannou

A word of caution from a freelance ID to teams account admins: If you're not providng your team member an account that will only be used for your business (e.g., inviting them to work with you from their personal account), make sure you select DO NOTHING when the time comes to end the working relationship.

I had a client accidentally take over all of my work done over 2 years for different clients, including my eportfolio. It took over 2 weeks to get it all back, requiring help from Articulate's senior-level support. This was a huge setback for me in terms of time. Luckily, I didn't run into any issues with clients, but I could easily have run into legal issues regarding NDA-protected/sensitive information.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey folks! I wanted to pop in and share this article: How Freelancers Work With Articulate 360 Teams.

If you're a freelancer looking to join a client’s Articulate 360 team, be sure to follow those steps to preserve your personal Articulate 360 content! 

Let us know if you have any questions about that workflow! 😁

Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Software License!

You can transfer Rise 360 content to any user or admin on your team. If the new person hasn’t joined your team yet, assign them to a user seat or add them to your team as an admin. When they accept your invitation to join the team, you can transfer content to them.

If you transfer content to an admin who isn’t assigned to a user seat, the admin automatically takes the seat vacated by the user you removed. 

Let me know if that's helpful!

Rob Rode

So I have a question here. Maybe its a bug, I don't know...Is it possible to have Rise content maintain export settings when transferring content from one developer to another? 

I ask because recently, I took over a few courses from an ID who left our organization.  I know for a fact that the original courses were set up using SCORM 2k4/4th Ed. (I've already checked the zip files from a previous export) but when those courses were sitting in my account, the export settings defaulted back to SCORM 1.2.  

Is there a better method of transferring a course from one developer to another while maintaining course settings?  I realize this might be a small "nit" but in this situation, I've got quite a few courses that I've inherited and every single one of them needs to have the export settings reconfigured.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi David!

Will you be using the same email address on the old team and the new team? If so, follow these steps:

  1. Ask your team admin to remove you from the original team. 
  2. When the admin sees this prompt, choose the third option, Do Nothing.
  3. Now the admin of your new team can add you to a seat using the same email address.
  4. Once you're on the new team, you'll have full control of their Rise 360 courses and Review 360 projects again.

Let me know if you run into any snags along the way!

Carrie Ann Desnoyers

I have a related question. I have a deadline today and I need to publish a group of courses. The "owner" of the courses is unexectedly out of the office for extended medical leave. I do not have the correct permissions to copy or publish the files. We do have teams. Is there a way for someone internal to transfer ownership of the courses to me?


Thank you!