When someone leaves an Articulate 360 Teams account, an admin must transfer that user’s shared content to another team member. They can choose to also include the user's personal online content. The new owner has full control over the transferred content, including Rise 360 content, label sets, question banks, collaborator access, and block templates; Review 360 items; and Storyline 360 team slides. Here’s what the new owner sees in their Articulate 360 apps.

Rise 360

As the new content owner, you get all the Rise 360 courses, microlearning, collaborator access, custom label sets, block templates and question banks that belonged to the user who left your team.


In Rise 360, the previous owner's content and folder structure are preserved and added to your private and team directories. In the My Shortcuts section, you'll see a new folder named after the user who left your team, which includes links to all the transferred content. Hover over a content tile, click the More icon (•••) that appears, and select Go to current file location to find the original file. 

transfer folder shortcut options

Here are some tips for working with transferred courses:

  • The transfer folder is a My Shortcuts folder. It's only visible to you, contains links to content (not the content itself), and isn't preserved when an admin transfers your content to someone else. To keep transferred content together permanently, move them to a folder in your private or team directory.
  • You can rename or delete the transfer folder. Click the More icon beside it to see these options. Deleting a transfer folder also deletes all shortcuts it contains.
  • By default, content is sorted by recently edited. To sort by title, click the Recent drop-down list at the top and select Title.
  • Collaborators retain access to any content that was shared in the team section.

Custom Label Sets

The previous owner's custom label sets also get transferred to your account if the transferred courses use them. You’ll find them in your course settings. Learn more about text labels.

Block Templates

You have full control of all shared and private block templates (if the latter is included in the transfer) created by the user who left your team. You’ll see Edit and Delete icons when you hover over these block templates in Rise 360. Learn more about block templates.

Question Banks

If the admin included private content, all of the user's private question banks and question bank folders will appear in your private library. You have full control of all private question banks created by the user who left your team. And you become the owner of any question banks they've shared to the team folder. Learn more about question banks.

Review 360

In Review 360, if the admin included personal content, you’ll see a new folder in the Private directory named after the user who left your team, as shown below. We call this folder the “transfer folder.” (If the user had no Review 360 items, you won’t see a transfer folder on your dashboard.)

In the transfer folder, you'll see all the user's Review 360 items from the previous owner's account in the same folder structure. Click the ellipsis (•••) on any item to see all the options for managing that content. For example, you might move the item from the transfer folder to another folder in your account. Learn more about managing Review 360 content.

For shared content, the folders and items remain in the same location in the Team directory but you'll now have owner permissions.

Review 360 dashboard with a transfer folder

Tips for Managing Transferred Items

  • You have full control of transferred content, both personal and shared, including all existing comments and Storyline 360 project backups.
  • Transfer folders function as regular folders. You can move Review 360 items and folders in the transfer folder or create new subfolders. The previous owner's folder structure is also preserved.
  • The previous owner's deleted Review 360 items are also transferred to your Deleted Items container in a new folder, specifying it contains their deleted items.
  • The search feature in Review 360 searches all projects in all folders, including the transfer folder, but it doesn’t search your Deleted Items container.
  • You'll also own reviews requested by the person who left the team.

Storyline 360

You have full control of Storyline 360 team slides that the previous owner shared with your team. As the new owner, you can update, delete, and restore these team slides right from Storyline 360. Learn more about team slides.

Tip: If the previous owner deleted any team slides, they’ll appear in the Deleted Items folder. You can restore or permanently delete them.