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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alphonso, 

Are you looking specifically for entering in the superscript of this equation? I don't know the hot keys to insert those on my Mac keyboard, but I was able to copy and paste them from a Word document into Rise without a problem. 

Let us know if typing isn't working for you (and if you know the hot keys to insert those symbols) or if the copy/paste option will also work! 

Alphonso Hendricks

Ok, so now I've explored copy and paste as well ASCII codes for both Greek symbols and exponents.

Copy and paste as well as ASCII Alt230 works for µ.

However, copy and paste does not work for exponents. ASCII Alt252 only delivers 10ⁿ . There is no way to actually type 10 to the power -6 in RISE.

Why is this? or am I missing something.

Its very reminiscent of when I first became excited about Articulate and then Storyline, only to discover science and math educators needs have been largely overlooked. Submitting feature requests also never solved this basic type setting issue.

I can solve the problem by painting my equations in Latex, doing a screengrab and inserting image into RISE question section. BUT this does not work when working with RISE answer section. There, it only expects text.






Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alphonso,

Math is not my forte so my exponent formatting may be a little confused - but I was able to type 10−⁶ in a Word doc and then copy and paste that into Rise as an answer. So that's the copy/paste element that seemed to work for me. The minus sign I wasn't able to bring higher than that to the superscript level, but not sure if you need it there? The superscript 6 did work for copy/paste though. 

Alphonso Hendricks

Hi Alyssa and Ashley

Its been a while but this morning I made the shift to my Macbook Air and tried the copy and paste from Word. Did not not desired result for exponents. 

This is what I get when I copy and paste equation produced in Word equation editor

1.00 "x" 〖10〗^6


And this is what I get when I copy and paste without using Word equation editor

1.00 x 106

Is there no anyone else in the RISE community who teaches Physics and Maths, who has solved this issue?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Alphonso - I'm not familiar with the Word equation editor - when I was testing I just looked at adding in those symbols and superscripts just using the insert option in a Word doc and a Google doc and copy and paste it from there. It did come through to ELH and also into my Rise course. It seems that the Word equation editor is including some additional formatting options that are being striped out as a part of the copy/paste process?  

A colleague was able to find some unicode characters for the multiplication symbol and the superscript 6 that worked (just a bit of web research to track these down). 

Michelle Allan

Hi Alphonso and Ashley,

We're also super keen to see equation support in Rise — we provide courses relating to finance, which means lots of equations.

While there are alt-codes/copy-paste methods to insert math symbols like multiplication and division signs, one of the more basic formatting techniques we require is for division (see attached example), which can't be forced (using "payroll/turnover" is not a realistic alternative, especially when the formulas get longer and more complicated).

Previously we were using MathJax to code our formulas in HTML, which was working well for us. Perhaps we could see a MathJax 'block' introduced? But a user-friendly text editor like in Microsoft Word (see attached screenshot) would probably be more universally accessible.


Alphonso Hendricks

I think the problem is there are perhaps too few Maths, Statisticians, Science teachers that struggle with RISE and so an extended Greek symbol and maths operators such as superscript and subscript feature requests don't ever stand a chance of RISEing to the top of a priority list.

The point is, the number of Maths, Stats, Science teacher community cant RISE if these basic features are always missing when we want to create courses.

I think at some point the ARTICULATE developers have to make a policy decision that they wont release any new versions if a certain set standard of typographical features - which we taken as basic - are not part of the package.

It's what makes me stick to iBooks Author etc. (in conjunction with Tumult Hype and Geogebra) when developing online interactive material instead of becoming frustrated with ARTICULATE all the time. There I can even type in Latex commands and its understood.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

 (in conjunction with Tumult Hype and Geogebra) when developing online interactive material instead of becoming frustrated with ARTICULATE all the time. There I can even type in Latex commands and its understood.

Some of this felt like actual Greek to me ;-)  I did share this with the team as a feature request and understanding the context for which you're creating courses and need the math equations, symbols, etc. is what can help drive this in our priority ranking, so I appreciate your candor here. As a former teacher myself (history...I stayed as far away as possible from math!) I would love to see more teachers using tools like Rise, and would have loved to have them in a classroom! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Veronica,

Sure thing - I recorded a quick video of what I did using Peek and it's upload here to Review. Now although I'm on a Mac, I did it in Word within Windows as I couldn't find the insert symbol in Pages...I never use Pages, and don't have Word installed on the Windows side. I was able to do the same thing from a Google Doc too. There you choose "insert -> special characters" and that'll allow you to choose from the superscript or subscript numbers. 

Hope that helps in the meantime! 

Juan Arellanos
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Juan for sharing that tip - I think the challenge a few of the individuals in this discussion ran into is that for the quiz in Rise you need to type in the answers in vs. adding in an image. Are you able to copy and paste from that tool into any other text programs? Would be curious to know how it works for you in that set up and perhaps that may help some of the folks here! 

Blending Education

Although it isn't comprehensive, I was able to copy and paste a few superscripts from the Latin and Greek tables on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicode_subscripts_and_superscripts

If someone knows where to find more of these please let us know.

Also Ashley, do you know if this is going to be added as a feature anytime soon (I've already made the request)?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Veronica,

Nice - glad that the superscripts in that article are something you can copy! I'm glad you submitted a request as well - it's really helpful for our team to be able to track those in addition to the forum discussions here. I also passed this along to our Product team and continue to keep updating that based on the comments here, our customers drive our product roadmap, and your suggestions really do make a difference!

Blending Education

Hi Ashley

I just wanted to follow up on this, and make sure the sub/superscript is still a feature request. Even though I used your workaround, it doesn't work in every situation as I am finding out! This is really important to those of us who use RISE for science and mathematics. I'm waiting on this feature to finish some of my courses. Do you have any update? Many thanks.