Unwanted scrolling of Storyline box in Rise


When the user clicks on the Storyline block in Rise that is not fully visible, the block auto scrolls. So much so that the new layer is not visible.

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and whether there is a way of structuring my SL content in Rise so this doesn't happen.

See the attached short video.

At the moment I'm putting up with this and not trying to find workarounds, as I have lots of content to deliver!

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Lea Agato

Hi Martin! We're still working on this possible bug and we'll share any updates here as soon as we have new information.  In the meantime here are some recommended workarounds that you can try: 

- Make sure the Storyline block is centered on the browser when viewing it.
- If viewed on a laptop or monitor where the screen is small and the Storyline block will appear bigger, you may zoom out of the browser so the entire block is seen on the page.

I hope this helps!