updating a rise course in an LMS

Feb 23, 2022


If i have a rise course with individual lesson that i upload to an LMS, when i update the rise course will i lose the tracking on the lessons in rise.

So will the rise course jump to start journey once again and show no lessons completed?


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Karl Muller

Hi Neil.

What will happen depends on your LMS.

Some LMS's will always treat an updated version of an existing Rise course as a brand new course. Students that had already started or completed the course would lose their data and would need to restart the course from the beginning.

There are some LMS's that will give you the choice to either update the course (and retain student progress data and bookmarking), or to create a new version.

Note that if you have made structural changes to your course by either deleting or adding lessons, you should treat this as a brand new course, as existing student data will no longer match the structure of the new course.