Uploading Rise360 Courses to Microsoft Teams

Feb 09, 2022

Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out how to upload the 'web' version of a Rise360 course to Microsoft Teams for viewing by all employees.  I tried to upload all of the files, but opening the index.html file doesn't start the course like it does on our other older SharePoint sites (which are going away).  

Does anyone know how to get this to work in Teams?



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Sam Williamson

Hey Jen,

All you need to do is rename the file to index.aspx, then the Rise module should open within SharePoint.

I don't know of a way to change the file extension via the web-based SharePoint interface, but it's easy to do from Windows' File Explorer, either before or after you've uploaded the file. So long as within the View tab of Explorer the checkbox for File name extensions is selected you can just rename the file and replace the .html with .aspx.

Hope that helps.

BR Team

Thanks Sam.  Unfortunately, renaming the file to .aspx in explorer and reloading it to a Teams library didn't work.  I get an error that says 'looks like the file doesn't have a preview we can show you'.

Maybe using a 'library' folder doesn't work in Teams?  Should it be in another type of content?


Sam Williamson

I host some Rise modules in a Document Library, which displays fine in a browser, but I didn't realise they wouldn't work within the Teams app itself.

You can add individual modules to Channels as new Website tabs, as opposed to using the SharePoint/Pages or Document Library options with give the preview failure message. Not sure how you'd embed a directory of multiple modules, though, as they won't open unless users manually select to load them in a browser/SharePoint.

As modules do seem to display properly using the Website method I feel like there must be a workaround. Hopefully someone with more experience of Teams integration can help you.