Video and Continue

Jun 22, 2021

Hi all,

I would need to make it mandatory to watch a video embedded by Vimeo.

I tried to use the Divider "Continue" block, setting it to "Complete block Directly above", but the button "Continue" appears even if I don't start the video. Do you have any suggestions? 

Thank you for your help


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Agata! 

While there isn't a way to make an embedded video mandatory in a Rise 360 lesson, I have some other ideas for you:

  1. If you can obtain a copy of the video file, upload it to your lesson using a video block. Or,
  2. Add a short, mandatory quiz after the video to verify the learner captured the core concepts from the video. You can require a passing score to continue with the course.

Hopefully one of those options will work for you!