Viewing Storyline activities in Rise with an Android device

We use the Storyline interactive feature in Rise frequently in our courses.  These look and work just fine on a desktop or laptop.  But when learners use an Android device, the SL activities do not display the same way.   Instead they show as a black screen with the SL title and a play button.  When play is pressed the activity is displayed in a frame with an icon in the right to enlarge the screen.

All my SL activities are published into 350 Review and then uploaded into the Rise course using the SL block.

Is there a way to make the Android device (mobile or tablet) look the same as the desktop or laptop view?

Many thanks, Helen

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Helen! Thanks for reaching out! 

This is the expected behavior of the SL block when used on a mobile device. Learners see the desktop player for Storyline blocks when they view your Rise 360 course on desktop and laptop computers, and they see the responsive mobile player when they view your course on tablets and smartphones.