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E-Learning Challenge #2: Challenge | Recap

We saw some creative examples in last week’s elearning comparison challenge:

This week we’ll look at one of the most common e-learning layouts: tabs interactions.

Tabs interactions

Working with a lot of related content on a single slide can be challenging. Our instinct directs us to space content across multiple slides to avoid overloading our learners with too much information.

Tabs interactions are a great way to chunk content into meaningful sections—or tabs—so learners can remain focused in the moment without jumping out to new slides.

Challenge of the Week

Tabs interactions come in all shapes and sizes. Show and share your best out-of-the-box ideas for an innovative tabs interaction:

  • Objective: Design a 5-tab interaction. Tabs should be on the left or the right and need to be persistent over slides or layers. PowerPoint and Storyline users should take a look at using slide layouts to maintain tab states over multiple slides. Storyline users have a few more design tools including states, slide layers, and variables.
  • Tools: You can use Storyline or PowerPoint to create your interaction or infographic. And no, using the pre-built Engage tabs interaction doesn’t count <grin>.
  • Resources: Check out Tom’s inspirational post this week. He shared a bunch of free tabs templates in both Storyline and PowerPoint. We also have some free templates for Storyline and PowerPoint in the downloads section.


We’re offering a little incentive for this week’s challenge: share your tabs interaction handiwork and we’ll send you a custom tabs template for Articulate Storyline.

View the Folder Tabs Interaction

Want the template but don’t have time to put something together? No problem. The template will be added to our downloads gallery in the next few weeks.

Have a Tabtastic week, E-Learning Heroes.

Post written by David Anderson

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