Have you ever built a course in Rise 360 and realized, later on, that some of the content in one lesson would work great in a different lesson? Or maybe you want to reuse the same content structure? I’ve been there! Luckily, it’s super easy to copy blocks from one Rise lesson to another, thanks to the blocks template feature. Here’s how it works.

1. Open the Blocks Library

The first thing you’ll want to do is navigate to the lesson that contains the block you want to copy and open up the block library. You can do that either by clicking the plus sign (+) between two blocks …


… or by clicking All Blocks in the blocks shortcut bar.

2. Create a New Template

Next, select the templates tab in the block library and click the New Template button.

3. Select the Blocks to Copy

Then, select the block or blocks you want to copy by clicking the checkmark for each one.

4. Save Your Template

Next, click Save, name your template, and click Save once again.

5. Insert Your Template

Finally, navigate to the lesson where you’d like your copied block to go, open up the blocks library, and select your template.


Et voilà! It’s that easy. With blocks templates, you can copy blocks from one lesson to another within the same course and copy blocks to lessons in other courses; you can even share your blocks with members of your team if you have an Articulate 360 Teams subscription. It’s super handy!

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Maya Yifat
Matt Adlai-Gail

While the development team is thinking about this feature request, please also have them think about the content maintenance aspect of this. If you are copying a block because you want repurpose and tweak, then Copy is great - the original and the copy have lives of their own and there is no ongoing relationship. HOWEVER, another really important use case is if you have the same block that is used in multiple courses, and if you update the original block, you want all its instances in other courses updated as well. This is a content management use case, and solving it would save subscribers lots of pain and time. Since you have a team structure, seems like you could create a team block repository for reusable blocks and when you reuse a block, you have the option to make a copy and m... Expand

Marcelle Bezuidenhout
Amy Hengst
Melissa Burns
Allison LaMotte