Course Starters: Using Desktop and Office Themed Designs in E-Learning #234

Desktop and Office Themes in E-Learning #234: Challenge | Recap

One of the things I like most about office and desktop designs is how their organic nature makes it so easy to create rich and flexible layouts without having to worry about pixel-perfect alignment. No one expects sticky notes or tacked paper to follow strict grid lines.

Desktop and Office Themed Designs in E-Learning

In previous challenges, we looked at generic course starters, button starters, comic book designs, and course starters for the construction, medical, information technology, and leadership training industries. This week, we’re looking for course starters that use skeuomorphic or flat desktop and office-themed designs.

What are Course Starter Templates?

Course starters are multi-slide templates that include a combination of the most common e-learning content and interaction slides. Starter templates provide a structure to the design, layout, and flow of an e-learning course.

What are Course Starter Templates?

They don’t include every possible slide type, but they include enough slides to give users a working model from which they can begin assembling their projects.

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Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to share a course starter template using the classic desktop or office-themed design.

You can include as many slides as you like, but your goal should be to find the most essential content slides course designers would need to start building a course for leadership training.

You can share either the published output or you can include the source file. We just want to see your desktop design ideas!


Office, paper, and desktop theme examples:

Last Week’s Challenge

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Wishing you a great week, E-Learning Heroes!

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