Interactive Office Activities Using Top View Perspective #168

Interactive Offices and Floor Plans #168: Challenge | Recap

With the overhead office perspective, you orient learners with a bird’s-eye view of a location, then let them drill down into the details of a particular location. They’re a great way to build scenarios, click-and-reveal interactions, virtual tours, and more. 

Building Your Own Top View Office Graphics

Here’s a good example of a scenario-based course that uses the overhead office perspective. Learners can move about the office and interview different employees to determine their threat levels.

Building Your Own Top View Office Graphics

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Overhead Office Interaction

This is a good example of a click-and-reveal interaction with a top-view perspective. Learners can take a virtual tour of the office by clicking any of the office locations.

Overhead Office Interaction

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Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to create a template or interaction using the overhead or top-view perspective.

You can build your own graphics or use a stock photo or illustration as the starting point for your interaction.


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Storyline: Office Floor Plan Interaction

Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you lay the foundation for this week’s office challenge, check out the animated rotoscoping examples your fellow community members shared over the past week:

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Wishing you a great week, E-Learning Heroes!

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