Send your content to Review 360 to start the review process. Upload a video or a Storyline 360 course for manual upload. Or publish directly from any Articulate 360 authoring app. Here's how.

Upload Videos

To upload video files to Review 360, go to your Review 360 dashboard and click the upload a file link at the top of the page.

Manually Upload Storyline 360 Courses

Visit this user guide to learn how to upload Storyline 360 courses to Review 360 manually.

Publish Content Directly

Check out these user guides for instructions on publishing items to Review 360 from:

Note: These Storyline and Studio features don’t work in Review 360:

When you switch from the review tab to the feedback tab and back again, the content you’re viewing picks up where you left off. However, the resume feature in Storyline 360, Presenter 360, Quizmaker 360, and Engage 360 content don’t work. When you close the content in Review 360 and relaunch it later, it will start over from the beginning.