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HI David! I just had a thought for the weekly challenge. Not sure if it has been done before but thought it could be fun:


Phrases you should NOT say to an Instructional Designer!!


Based on: http://www.graphicart-news.com/19-phrases-you-should-not-say-to-a-graphic-designer/#.U-Bqc7Edj9Y

15 days ago by Kirsty Smith

Hi, anyone in Phoenix or Scottsdale AZ that is a Storyline expert?  I would love side-by-side tutoring help with Articulate Storyline.  Please le me know if interested in helping me.

Thank you!


20 days ago by Rebecca Sabetta

David - We are about to launch several courses on our new LMS.  We want to have a non-ID person QC the courses.  Do you know of a form?  Should we print the "slides" to ensure she clicks on all the hot spots, etc.?  Desperately in need of help. - Kerianne

40 days ago by Kerianne Waldrop

Hey David, 

Wondering if you know anybody who an expert in using articulate and drupal

51 days ago by Josephine Crimmins

Hi David,


Don't think this is the right place but can't find a 'help' section for the community.


My search function for the E-learning Heroes page isn't working - I enter a term such as 'assessment' and it comes up with no results. This is the same for whatever search term I enter. Any ideas?? Or know who I can send my enquiry to?




56 days ago by Rachel Hanson

Ok, found it after looking into your personal side multimedialearning.com

106 days ago by Enna Ayub

Ok, found it after looking into your personal side multimedialearning.com

106 days ago by Enna Ayub

Hi David,


Vanan and Nadie finally send me the link to your samples but I still can't find the fork, plate and spoon interaction you've shared in class. Please help. Thanks.

106 days ago by Enna Ayub

Hey David - I've designed a Media Tour Engage Interaction for a course and I'm having a problem with the "Next Slide" button.  In the Engage Properties I've selected "show upon completion" but when I publish and preview, the button comes up at the beginning of the interaction allowing learners to forward to the next slide before viewing the video that I've attached to the interaction - what am I doing wrong?

114 days ago by Tim Caudle

Hi David,


I have created a custom interaction (question with multiple options) I didn’t use the quiz templates. How can I make the score from my interaction be added to my Result slide. My custom interaction doesn’t appear on the list from Calculate result for Selected Questions.


Thanks in advance,



131 days ago by Veronica Escutia