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To help you get started using Articulate Storyline we created a series of beginner tutorials that will walk you through creating your first slide and then using many of the most common features.  They'll help you get up and running quickly. They're not exhaustive tutorials, but they do cover the basics.


Each tutorial includes a video screencasts and some practice activities for you to follow along. If you want more specific detail, then visit the product tutorials in panel on the right. If you have a question, feel free to jump into the community forums and ask. We're eager to help you get started!


Overview of Articulate Storyline

Watch the video below for a quick overview of Articulate Storyline. You'll become familiar with the layout and how to locate common features. When you're ready to build that first slide, click on one of the tutorial links above.



You can always get more detail about Storyline and its features in the product tutorials on the right. For now, if you're ready to get started check out this tutorial on how to create your first slide and add content to it.


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