One of the greatest things about the E-Learning Heroes community is that our members share their creative examples throughout the year. With all the inspiring content posted in our weekly challenges and examples hub, you’ll find everything you need to get your creative juices flowing. And when you’re ready to create and share your own Rise 360 project, you can either start from scratch or customize one of the many course templates.

To highlight what’s possible and inspire your next course, we’ve gathered the most viewed Rise 360 examples of 2021. Read on and take the most popular projects for a spin! 

1. Software Training Example

See how to introduce your team to a new app with this practical example by Madison McCartney.

2. Spotting and Managing Burnout

Help learners assess if they’re at risk of workplace burnout with this helpful course by Chris Foster.

3. Marine Motion Path Game

This underwater-themed example by Lacey Wieser lets you test your marine life knowledge.

4. Fighting Climate Change

Learn planet-saving tips with this interactive course by Ashley Park.

5. Inclusive Language Guide

This useful example by the Community Team shares tips on communicating in a way that’s inclusive and respectful to all.

6. Animal Sounds Guessing Game

Allison LaMotte invites learners to listen to and guess the noises made by different animals in this playful course

7. How to Choose and Combine Instructional Methods

Expand your knowledge of instructional design methodologies with this educational example by Alex Wilcox.

8. Instructions for Learners

Make sure learners know how to access and interact with your content by using this introductory course example by Stan Dormer.

9. Continuing Education Course for Teachers

This course for K-12 teachers by Matt Madsen walks through how to create more inclusive classrooms.

10. Healthy Debate Culture at Work

See how disagreement can actually be a good thing when handled properly in this beautifully designed course by Teresa Moreno.

More Resources

Now that you’ve seen the most popular Rise 360 courses of 2021, we hope you’re feeling inspired and ready to take on the new year. And don’t forget to share your favorite projects in the comments below!

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