Today’s learners are busier than ever. They don’t have time to wade through a 45-minute course whenever new products come out or internal processes change. So instead of serving up lengthy courses that cover every inch of a topic from A to Z, why not break your content up into a series of 5-minute courses? These bite-size courses—called micro-learning courses—are less overwhelming for learners and allow them to take courses in their downtime instead of having to block out big chunks of their schedule.

In addition to making learners’ lives easier, micro-learning courses actually tend to be more effective since course creators are forced to pare down the content to the bare essentials, making it easier for learners to absorb the key messages.

So what does a micro-learning course look like? Like a full-length e-learning course, a micro-learning course comes in all shapes and sizes. The only requirement is that it last fewer than 5 minutes. We rounded up a couple of our favorites so you can see some samples and be inspired to create your own:

Want to read up on micro-learning? Check out this helpful article. And if you want to try building your own but don’t have Articulate 360 yet, grab a free trial here.

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