Rise 360, the web-based app for creating responsive e-learning that’s part of Articulate 360, makes it easy to create gorgeous, fully responsive e-learning quickly. And the E-Learning Heroes community is chock-full of stunning and creative examples that put Rise 360 to work creating all kinds of content.

We’ve gathered the most popular Rise 360 examples of 2023 to inspire your next course. Check out these examples from your laptop, phone, and tablet, so you can see how great they look on any device.

1. Microlearning Retail Example

Screenshot of an e-learning course titled Processing Returns. The main screen includes the title, a brand logo, and photos of clothing items.

If you work in the retail industry and would like some course inspiration, check out our latest retail microlearning example.

 2. Class Syllabus Template

Screenshot of the outline screen for an e-learning course titled Class Syllabus Template. The outline shows two lesson titles: introduction and expectations.

Grab this template to provide your students or trainees with an online document that outlines introductory course information, expectations, materials, assignments, grading, contact details, and more.

3. Class Syllabus One-Pager Template

Screenshot of a microlearning project titled Class Syllabus One-Pager. The image shows the course name with a picture in the background of desks in an elementary school classroom.

Give your students or trainees a digital document that outlines basic course information by starting from this free template.

4. Virtual Training Presentation (Microlearning Template)

Screenshot of the header of an e-learning course titled Virtual Training Presentation - Microlearning Template. The title is superimposed over a photo of a desk with a computer and a mug on it.

Looking for a fast and easy way to create a sharp-looking presentation for your virtual training? Grab this microlearning template to get the job done in minutes.

5. Virtual Training Presentation (Full Course Template)

Screenshot of the course outline screen of an e-learning course titled Virtual Training Presentation - Full Course Version. It shows the course title, a photo of a set of colored pencils, and a placeholder list of course topics.

If you like the microlearning version above but have a more lengthy session, this course is just what you need.

6. E-Learning Narration Guide

Screenshot of a course titled E-Learning Narration: a Jumpstart Guide. It shows the course title and a photo of someone using audio editing software on their computer.

Use this guide to find everything you need to know about producing engaging narration in a timely manner.

7. Interactive Short Story

Screenshot of an e-learning course opening screen. On the left is an illustration of a woman working on a computer. On the right is text that reads Just keep up the good work! A short story about a determined manager and a motivated employee.

Check out this creative example that uses beautiful graphics and storytelling to create a seamless learning experience.


We hope these examples have given you the inspiration you need for your next project! And if you’re finding our Best of 2023 content helpful, head over here to check out the top Storyline examples and downloads.

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