After adding a video to an Engage 360 interaction, you can adjust its properties, including position, size, compression, and alternate text. Just set the following options in the media panel. (These options aren't available for media tour interactions.)

Replacing a video

Click the blue hyperlinked text to choose a different video file or to modify the embed code for a website video. Click the red X if you'd prefer to completely remove the video.


Choose where you want the video to display in your published interaction.


Choose Automatic or Custom.

If you choose Automatic (the default option), Engage will adjust the size of the video so it fits within the allotted space in your published interaction.

If you choose Custom, enter the width and height in pixels.

The Lock Aspect Ratio box is grayed-out to keep the video from being distorted as you adjust its size.

Include Playbar

Mark this box to add player controls to the video, so learners can play, pause, and scrub through the video.

If you include a playbar, you'll also have the option to automatically start the video or wait for learners to start it when they're ready.

(This option isn't available for website videos.)

Do not compress video at publish

Mark this box if you'd prefer not to compress your video. Be aware that video quality may be higher in your published output, but it'll also result in larger files, which can be problematic for learners with slow Internet connections.

(This feature is only available for MP4 video files created with baseline, main, or high profiles.)

Alternate Text

Enter text that describes the video, and screen readers will read it to your learners.

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