Maybe you’d like to let learners use keyboard shortcuts to navigate your published course, or maybe you’d like to display your course on a kiosk and let it loop continuously. No problem. Articulate Presenter 360 lets you do both.

To access these options, go to the Articulate tab on the PowerPoint ribbon and click Player. When the Player Properties window opens, click Other on the ribbon.

Enabling Keyboard Shortcuts for Learners

To let learners use keyboard shortcuts for navigation, mark the box to Enable keyboard shortcuts and click OK.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for Presenter 360 courses:



Arrow Left, Arrow Up, or Page Up

Jump to the previous slide

Arrow Right, Arrow Down, or Page Down

Jump to the next slide


Jump to the first slide


Jump to the last slide




Open/close the presenter bio


Open the Glossary tab




Open the Notes tab


Open the Menu tab


Open the Resources tab

Looping a Presentation

If you want a published presentation to loop continuously until it's closed, mark the box to Loop presentation and click OK.

Saving Player Changes

When you click OK to close the Player Properties window, Presenter saves your player customizations in your project file.

If you'd like to use the same customizations in other projects, click Current Player on the ribbon and choose Save. Enter a name for your custom player if you're prompted and click OK.

To learn more about the Current Player options, see this user guide.

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