Articulate E-Learning Examples

One of the coolest spots on E-Learning Heroes is the E-Learning Examples hub, home to tons of inspiring real-world e-learning examples shared by your peers. And now we’ve made it even easier for you to stay on top of their contributions. 

Here’s the low-down on a few new ways to get your daily dose of e-learning design inspiration.


Want to get to the E-Learning Examples hub as quickly as possible? Simply bookmark it!


 Once bookmarked, this hub will appear under “My Bookmarks” on the profile drop-down menu.


You’ll notice that we’ve added a new Hubs category to your My Bookmarks page.

My_Bookmarks.pngIf you decide later you don’t need ready access to the E-Learning Examples hub, just click on the “x” button to delete the bookmark.



Never miss a newly published e-learning example with our new “Subscribe” feature.

Simply click “Subscribe” (at the top of the hub page) to subscribe to the hub, just like you would subscribe to an article. 



Subscribing to a hub means you receive an email every time someone publishes a new example to the hub.

Manage your subscriptions by clicking “My Profile.” 


Select “Your Subscriptions” to access all of your subscriptions.


Note: Right now only the E-Learning Examples hub has been outfitted with these new features, but we’ll be rolling them out to our other hubs as soon as we can.

Don’t Forget to Share

 This handy feature has been on a lot of E-Learning Heroes pages all along, but it’s new to the E-Learning Examples hub! Click “Share” on the hub to share your favorite resources with the world via social media or email.

We’re super-psyched about these new features—but what do you think? Please share your opinion in the comments below. 

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