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Medical Design Template

I received some questions from users asking if they can submit ideas for the weekly challenges. Absolutely, yes! Just send me your challenges, makeover candidates, or even your existing courses and presentations, and we’ll work them into a community challenge.

Now, on to this week’s challenge. Shift your creativity to resuscitate an actual project that needs a little doctoring:

E-Learning Hero Karyn Campbell shared the basic project requirements in this forum thread. Take a look before you jump into the challenge, and feel free to post any follow up questions in Karyn’s thread.

Challenge of the Week

Show and share your re-design ideas for a medical e-learning course template:

  • Objective: Using the source files provided, create a clean, flat, medical design theme. Try to work within the provided color requirements (included in the forum thread and the source files) and comp out 2-3 slides for this design.
  • Tools: You can use Storyline, Studio, or PowerPoint to create your static or interactive examples.
  • Source files: Download


Take a look at Tom’s post on finding brainstorming ideas for your e-learning courses. And then use this post on common layouts in e-learning templates to guide your theme design.

We have a couple good discussions on creative ideas for medical courses and ideas for making medical courses more engaging.

Medical design themes for inspiration:

Last week’s challenge

One of the things I like most about these challenges is the inspiring level of creativity that comes from sharing your own ideas and projects. I feel like I’m already a better course designer following each of your great demos.

To prep you for this week’s course dissection, check out the lab results from your fellow community member’s contributions in the desktop and office theme challenge:

Have a healthy week, E-Learning Heroes!

Medical Course Starter Templates

Share your e-learning examples in the current medical course starter challenge.


Share Your Medical Course Starter Templates for E-Learning #171