Can You Pass an Eighth-Grade Science Test? #80

E-Learning Science Test #80: Challenge | Recap

Science E-Learning Examples

When I think of all the types of courses I’ve worked on, I realize some of my best work was for an automotive e-learning company I worked at 10+ years ago. I really liked the content because it was a good mix of soft skills (service training, troubleshooting) and technical training (electrical systems, braking, etc.).

Here’s an example of an interaction I designed to test students on fuel mixtures:

Science E-Learning Examples

Wheel of Gases (requires Flash plugin)

Periodic Table

What can you build with 7,000 triggers? Pretty much anything you want! Community member Phil Mayor built this scientific demo a few years ago, but it’s still one of the most impressive examples we’ve seen.

Periodic Table 

Periodic Table

Challenge of the Week 

This week your challenge is to design a learning interaction for a science topic. You can design a makeover for the Bullitt County science quiz or come up with something that interests you. Just keep the focus on science and you can do whatever you want.

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Last Week’s Challenge: 

Before you blind your learners with science, check out last week’s navigation and menus challenge: 

Navigation Menus for E-Learning

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Wishing you an empirical week, E-Learning Heroes!

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