Rise 360 Team Folders Zoomed

We're thrilled to announce that the Team Folders beta is now live in Rise 360! With it comes an enhanced dashboard experience, convenient personal organization in My View, and even more ways to collaborate with your team (as well as external teams).

Updated Dashboard

The new Rise 360 dashboard sidebar organizes content into sections: My View, Personal, Team, Deleted Items, and External Connections (if you're working with external teams).

Courses you've created alone—without any collaborators—appear in the Personal section, and courses you’re building with other collaborators appear in the Team section. When you add a collaborator to a training item, it moves into the main Team section automatically. Only collaborators on the item can see it there, so don’t worry about others accessing it.

You can create folders and subfolders in each section. And now, when you move something to a folder, it's only visible in that folder!

Rise 360 Team Folders

My View

With My View, keeping track of items you're currently working on is a snap. You can add specific items for easy access and create folders in the My View section to help organize things further. Content and folders in the My View section display only for you but can contain both personal and team items.

For the launch of the Team Folders beta, we've preserved your previous All Content view in this section. All the training items and folders that were there prior to today's launch have been added for you. This way, you can easily reference your previous view. Clicking an item in My View takes you directly to it. 

Update 10/5: Now, you can move the original item without having to leave My View. Just click the more icon and select Move file. Select a location or create a new folder, then click Move.

Personal and Team Folders

With Team Folders, content created in Rise 360 is added to the section or folder you're currently in. If you're in the personal section, your training appears there. If you're in the team section, it's created there. 

Collaborators can now be assigned at the folder level, saving you time. When you create content in a team folder, it automatically inherits the collaborator permissions applied to that folder. This can even be everyone on your team! All you have to do is select the Share menu option for a folder or item, then select Everyone and assign them collaborator status. Note that the current editor role is the same as the previous collaborator role.

External Connections

If you work with other teams in Rise 360, you'll see new team folders for them as well in the External Connections section. The folder names might be different from what you're used to seeing. That's because Rise 360 now uses the actual name of the organization as it’s listed in account management. This is true for your team as well. An Articulate 360 admin for the external team can modify it with the Edit Organization Name option in account management.

Available Now

All Rise 360 users have access to the enhanced dashboard and My View feature. If you’re an Articulate 360 Teams subscriber, you also have access to the new Team section. And if you don’t have Articulate 360 but want to try out this feature, you can start a free 30-day trial

We're excited about the Team Folders feature because it'll allow teams to work together even more easily. And we're releasing it in beta so your feedback can guide us as we continue to develop it. Have feedback? Click on the feedback link in Rise 360 or join our forum conversation. We can't wait to hear what you think.