Make exploring 360° images dynamic and exciting. Manage how learners start and navigate your interaction.

Setting the Initial View

Set the opening view of your interaction.

In the 360° image editor, go to the Interaction tab, click Edit, then move the camera to your preferred angle.

Adjust the initial camera angle

As you move the camera, the latitude and longitude units at the bottom of the 360° image dynamically update with the exact coordinates. Click Set to save your changes. Click Reset to return to the original view. Click Cancel to discard your changes.

Tip: To center the opening view around an interactive element, click the hotspot or marker on the Markers & Hotspots panel.

Choosing Navigation Options

Choose how learners navigate your interaction—freely or in a guided tour.

In the 360° image editor, go to the Markers & Hotspots panel, then choose either Free navigation or Guided tour as the navigation mode.

Navigation modes

Free navigation is great for letting learners explore interactive elements as they wish. Mark the Show progress indicator box to help learners keep track of their progress.

A guided tour is perfect for directing learners through a specific set of interactive elements. It presents markers and hotspots one by one in the sequence you specify in the Markers & Hotspots panel. Just drag the interactive elements to your preferred order. A progress indicator always displays at the bottom of the guide-tour interaction.

Pro Tips:

  • Use hotspot hints to help learners easily find hotspots in your guided-tour interactions.
  • Give learners bite-sized info when they hover over markers and hotspots in your free-navigation interactions.

Excluding Markers and Hotspots from Progress Tracking

By default, markers and hotspots get automatically counted in the progress indicator for free-navigation interactions. For example, a learner’s progress might show "1 of 5 visited" after clicking the first interactive element in an interaction that has a total of five markers and hotspots. However, you can exclude specific markers or hotspots from the overall progress count, giving you more flexibility in defining what’s tracked. Just install the January 2022 update or later, then follow these steps.

  1. In the 360° image editor, make sure that you’re using free navigation mode.
  2. In the Markers & Hotspots panel, hover over the marker or hotspot you’d like to exclude.
  3. Click the ellipsis (…) that appears and mark the Exclude from progress count box.
  4. The marker or hotspot now displays a dashed border in the Markers & Hotspots panel indicating that it’s excluded.

Markers & Hotspots panel.