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Whether you’re brand new to e-learning and Articulate 360 or a seasoned pro, there will come a time when you need a helping hand. That’s where the Customer Happiness Team comes in, with a friendly ear, firsthand knowledge, and a library of resources to help you out.

Since we saw so many awesome new features in Storyline 360 in 2019, two members of our Customer Happiness Team, Ren Gomez and Leslie McKerchie, have compiled a list of some of their most loved Storyline 360 resources to save you some time in 2020. Keep on reading to get the scoop!

1. Get the lowdown on the new trigger panel and workflow enhancements.

Triggers make things happen in Storyline 360 projects. If you haven’t had a chance to switch over to the new triggers panel and workflow, you might want to learn more about all the benefits these enhancements have to offer. We think this rundown of trigger features and enhancements will have you poised to supercharge your productivity in the year ahead.

2. Check out these best practices for using video and images.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you can save yourself tons of development time by using images and videos to create engaging learning interactions. Review these best practices for getting crisp videos and pixel-perfect images. You don’t want to miss these pro tips.

3. Follow this useful technique for making high-res screen recordings.

Screencasts are excellent for teaching software and systems. Follow the approach in this article, A Useful Technique for Recording High-Resolution Screencasts in Storyline 360, before you start your next screencast. We’re sure these tips will help you capture every click just how you want it!

4. Troubleshoot your e-learning projects with this handy checklist.

Hitting a snag with your project? We’re always happy to help in the E-Learning Heroes forums, or you can open up a support case. But sometimes you can sort out what’s wrong in a flash just by taking a few moments to run through this handy project troubleshooting checklist

5. Troubleshoot your LMS with these helpful tips.

Running into issues when publishing your course to your LMS? Are you unsure whether it’s the project file, Storyline 360, or your LMS? We always advise folks to test their projects in another environment, such as SCORM Cloud. SCORM Cloud is an industry-standard testing engine perfect for narrowing in on the source of the trouble. Learn more about how it works in this helpful article, How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud.

So there you have it! We hope our five go-to Storyline 360 resources will be just as handy for you!

Have questions about Storyline 360? The Customer Happiness Team and the awesome  e-learning pros in the Storyline forum are here for you. Need more intensive support? Contact our support team 24/7 by starting a case.

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