Articulate Presenter for the Mac

Since the Mac has MS Office 2011 for the Mac, and Powerpoint is in the suite, and Articulate is an add-in to Powerpoint, it makes sense to have Presenter for the Mac!  What are our chances of seeing this software come to market?  I believe that with all the recent Mac purchases (market share is rising every day), this might be a high growth product for Articulate.

What do you think?  Any possibility that Presenter for the Mac could add a publish option to Publish HTML5?  That must have everyone who owns an iPad drooling!!!


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Brian Batt

Hi Scott & welcome to Heroes,

I know this is not the answer you're looking for, but we have not announced plans for native Macintosh versions of our software to enable authoring on non-Windows systems.  However, we do have customers who successfully use our products with Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or Bootcamp for Macintosh:

Regarding HTML5 output, we do plan on adding that feature to our next product called Storyline.  For more information, see the link below:

Sarah Pena

Well, I have a question but If I install Parallels on my mac the will I have Windows installed as well or do I have to install Windows mac version on my machine? or 2 version of windows, one for my mac and other for the Parallels? I have MacBook but I want to start working with Articulate and I do not have windows programs on my machine.

Thanks in advance for the help. 


Sarah Pena

Great !! Thank you so much for the replies, I have decided to follow the online tutorials from Articulate online and as soon I need to start working with articulate then I will arrange a laptop that has Windows.

I use to work with Articulate a few years ago and now I am coming back to the E-Learning area. 

Doug Justus

Good morning!

I thought I might "refresh" this thread to see if there are any "new" plans for developing the Articulate 360 suite for the Mac (and apologies if this is covered somewhere in a different thread). We are currently using RISE and would love to take advantage of the other Articulate tools.

Are there any options "in process" other than Bootcamp, Parallels, etc.?