unable to view full screen option/button in iPad

Oct 11, 2022

I am unable to view full screen button in my Storyline output in Ipad , iphone device. The same can be viewed in computer. Can this be fix by Articulate team ASAP.

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Kevin Chung

I have an urgent issue.  On iPhones my content will not display full screen, so you see all the browser chrome.  This happens on both Safari and Google Chrome mobile browsers.  I am using an iPhone 12 with the latest iOS.  On an Android device, it will go full screen if you include the fullscreen check box when publishing (but it has to be selected manually when the project loads on the Android phone).  But for us, iPhone is our largest audience and we need to have the content displayed full screen (no broser chrome or buttons).  In you help files it says this should happen automatically. HELP ASAP.   -Kevin