Are there any advantages to recording video and audio using Replay 360 over using SnagIt?

Mar 11, 2021

I'm pretty new to using Replay 360, and trying to see if it's even worth learning for recording videos. The way I typically record video is using SnagIt. Sometimes I record audio as I'm recording the video, other times I have recorded the video, imported it to Storyline 360 (which is what I normally create my e-learning with), and then record audio overtop the video. I can always adjust the audio to sync up with the video using Storyline's timeline. But would I save time using Replay 360, and are there any additional things I can do with Replay that I couldn't do the way I normally handle videos? Any help/tips are appreciated.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for reaching out to ask about Replay 360. If you're familiar with SnagIt, then Replay 360 is not a steep learning curve for you, but it's more about what you may need to use it for. What types of videos are you recording with SnagIt?

I look forward to hearing how others may be using their tools together.