Replay not tracking cursor properly?

Has anyone else had this problem? Basically, I'll be taking a screen recording in Replay and selecting different tabs/options in this video. However, when I view the screen recording in Replay. my cursor in the video is much higher than it should be.

For context, if this was an Excel spreadsheet, my cursor in the video would be 3-4 rows higher than the row that is selected. So I end up with something selected and a cursor that doesn't match the position of the selected item. I want this to be professional and straightforward for the learner, so how do I fix this?


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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Brett. Sorry you've come across this snag!

We found an issue in Replay 360 where the recording shows the mouse pointer in the wrong location when recording at a high resolution. I'll add this discussion to our report, and will keep you posted on any new information. Here's an inside look at how we tackle bugs!

Could you let me know what dimensions you were using when recording your screen? I'm also interested in the scaling on your display. You can find that detail by going to Display settings in Windows, and then moving to the scaling dropdown:


Try setting that percentage to 100%, and rerecording. Let me know if you see a difference!

Kat Magnuson

I was recording in 1908 x 1076. and I have a ton of video that I now get to either re-stage and shoot, or process again with Camtasia and 'fake' having mouse tracking enabled. 

I am entirely dismayed by the 'aw shucks' attitude regarding this critical issue, at least that's how it reads in the responses above to Brett's concerns. I don't see anything in any release notes or supporting documentation to indicate that a user could have been forewarned about this issue. Users like Brett and I are creating content intended to teach learners how to click and do things in software. That your tool does not do what it is designed to do is a bit more than an 'oops.' I've long been a huge fan of Articulate tools but man this really stings. 

Stefan Popovic

I had the same problem and setting the scaling to 100% solved the issue. But please consider this as a workaround and have your dev teams look at it anyway. Depending on the application we're demonstrating and the computer we use, scaling the screen can be unavoidable, making Replay practically unusable in these contexts.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Shannon,

Thank you for reaching out and letting us know! I will be including your comments in our report and be sure to update our team on this. In the meantime, a workflow that I hope will help is to set the scaling to 100% when creating screen recordings.

We will be sure to reach back out with any updates we can share!